Due to a faulty network switch, MAINTENANCE WILL BE REQUIRED AT TYNDALE CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.  A SCHEDULED OUTAGE OF THE network infrastructure in i block WILL TAKE PLACE AT 15:00 18/10/2021.  Network services will be unavailable in i block for the duration of the outage.


Scheduled Service Outage – I Block Network Infrastructure


Description: The network switch that serves I Block is faulty and needs to be replaced. The replacement switch has to be configured and tested ahead of time to minimise any impact caused to staff and students.


Location: This occurs atTyndale Christian School and will affect the following locations: 

  • I Block

Start Time: 18/10/2021 15:00


Planned Outage Duration: 1 Hour


Impact: Any network services (Wifi, Apple TV, telephony, printing, desktop computer access) will be unavailable in I Block for the duration of the outage


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this scheduled outage. For further information please contact Tyndale IT on extension: 600 or email it@tyndale.edu.au 


Thank you for your understanding


Tyndale IT - Andrew Pearce