Following the network outage this morning, MAINTENANCE WILL BE REQUIRED to restore our web filtering and logging service to full capacity.  A SCHEDULED OUTAGE  WILL TAKE PLACE AT 16:30 1/2/2022.  All network services will be AFFECTED.

Scheduled Service Outage – School Network


Description: This morning, 1/2/2022, Tyndale's web filter was left in a hung state after attempting to perform a system update. This blocked the flow of network traffic school wide. To bring back network connectivity quickly, the IT team bypassed the web filter entirely for the course of the day. There will be a brief outage this afternoon to reconnect and test the web filtering appliance.


Location: This occurs across Tyndale Christian School.

Start Time:16:30 1/2/2022


Planned Outage Duration: 15 mins


Impact: All IT services may be down for the duration of the outage.


We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this scheduled outage. For further information please contact Tyndale IT on extension: 600 or email 


Thank you for your understanding


Tyndale IT - Andrew Pearce