The preferred option for logging into the Tyndale Helpdesk is to use a Google Apps account such as the one provided to Tyndale staff and students. Using this method you don't need to remember (or reuse) yet another password and Google handles the identification process. If for some reason you would rather maintain a separate password you can register an account using the instructions for parents and community.

To Login Using a Google Account

The following instructions are intended for staff and students but also apply to anyone wishing to log in using a Google account:

  1. Go to this login URL*
  2. If you aren't already signed in^ you will need to enter your google email address (including for school accounts) and password into the Google Accounts window
  3. The first time you connect you will be asked if you want to have access to your email address. Click the "Allow" button pictured below (and make sure you leave "Remember this approval" ticked if you don't want to have to do this step every time you log in)
  4. If it is not your preferred Google address (e.g. if your personal Gmail account shows up) simply click "Sign in as a different user" (as shown above)


^ If you have multiple Google accounts you may be asked to choose which account to sign in with. Staff and students should probably choose their Tyndale account

* You can also sign in from any helpdesk page by clicking the "Login" link. You will then need to click on the "Google" button (under the heading "..or login using")