What is it?

The Tyndale Helpdesk is a web and email based "ticketing" system that allows students, staff, parents and the school community to make and track requests and allows service personnel to action those requests in a timely and equitable manner.

Why do we need a ticketing system?

The goal of our ticketing system is to make life simpler for our students, staff, parents and school community. Rather than rely on post it notes, quickly forgotten phone calls or email messages to someone who may or may not be the right person we are implementing a central location to log, track and resolve the issues that will inevitably arise within our school. We also hope it will give us insight into recurring issues and reduce duplication of effort.

We have worked hard to select and implement a ticketing system that makes it easy to create requests and makes it simple for the staff who are serving you to respond to those requests. We don't want to replace face to face communication, in fact we hope this system will improve communication and enable you to ask questions like "How are you going?" because you'll already know the answer to "Have you fixed that leaking tap?" or "Is the printer working yet?"

What can I use it for?

The Tyndale Helpdesk can (and should) be used for any:

  • Maintenance or cleaning requests (such as damaged furniture, minor electrical faults, leaking taps, graffiti, etc)
  • Workplace Health and Safety concerns that are not urgent (such as minor trip hazards, unsafe practices, mould, etc)
  • Information and Communication Technology requests or problems (such as printers, phones, computers, wireless, Internet, etc)

If you can't decide whether an issue is a safety concern or maintenance issue err on the side of caution and submit it as a safety concern. It can very easily be forwarded in to the maintenance queue if you're wrong.

For help reporting an issue refer to the instructions on how to create a ticket.

This system is NOT for urgent safety requests

This ticketing system is NOT intended to be the sole way of raising urgent requests, especially safety requests. It is unlikely that simply creating a ticket will fulfil your duty of care obligations if you see an urgent safety issue. It is your responsibility to adhere to school Workplace Health and Safety training and procedures. For additional information please consult the school's Workplace Health and Safety policies, speak to the WHS Committee or ask any member of staff.