Info for New Staff and Students

User Accounts/Usernames

Tyndale usernames for both staff and students are usually in the format "firstname.lastname". Robert Robson's username is therefore likely to be "robert.robson". The only exceptions are:

  • for staff or students who have specified a preferred name (e.g. if Robert prefers to go by his middle name "Rupert" then his username will be "rupert.robson")
  • for name clashes (e.g. if there are two people with the name John Smith the one who came later will probably get a number added to his username)

Your username and password will be used for most services managed by the school including:
  • school computers
  • Internet authentication (auth.netbox)
  • Edumate (
  • Helpdesk (
  • mail (
  • Moodle (
  • Wheelers e-books (
  • Remote Desktop (
  • DVC
If you need help with logging in to any of these services or if you forget your username and password please see the IT Department. Please keep in mind that externally managed services such as Mathletics, Edmodo and TwigWorld are outside our control. We will attempt to help staff manage external services but students should see their teacher for help in the first instance.

School Wireless

At this stage access to the school wireless network is via a shared password. To access the school wireless connect to the "Tyndale School Wireless" network and use the password "donotusetyndalewireless" (without quotes). Access to this network is for staff and students only at this stage and requires an Internet username and password to access the Internet.

Email and Collaboration

School email is currently hosted by Google and your school Google account can be used to access a number of additional communication and collaboration resources. Your school email address is your (e.g.

To log in to your Google account go to and sign in with your school username and password. Keep in mind that many Google services will require you to sign in with your full email address (e.g., not just your username.


Tyndale currently has a mix of Windows 7 and [Mac] OS X computers. We also have an unofficial Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy whereby staff and students can connect personally owned devices to the school wireless. This includes laptops, tablets and phones. Support for BYO devices is on a best effort basis but most devices should be able to connect to the school wifi and Internet.