The Sanyo projectors use a fan to draw air in to cool the projector bulb. A filter on the side of the projector is designed prevent dust from being sucked in with the air and this filter needs to be cleaned periodically. There are two steps to the process: cleaning the filter and resetting the counter. The instructions below will tell you how to do so or if you are a visual learner there is a YouTube video available at 

Cleaning the Filter

  1. Power the projector off and wait for the fan to stop spinning
  2. Using a step ladder, lift the filter out of the projector. The filter is on the right hand side of the projector and lifts out from the top (towards the rear of the projector)
  3. Tap any dust off the filter (or use a vacuum to remove it)
  4. Reinsert the filter
  5. Wipe any dust from the outside of the projector with your hand or a dry cloth (ensure the filter is inserted before you do this)

Resetting the Filter Counter

Do not perform this step unless you have actually cleaned the filter
  1. Press the MENU button to display the On-Screen Menu
  2. At the Input screen press the left arrow button to select Computer 1
  3. Use the left and right arrow buttons to move the red frame pointer to the Setting Menu icon
  4. Use the up and down arrow buttons to move the red frame pointer to Filter counter and then press the SELECT button
  5. A dialog box showing the total accumulated time of the filter use, a timer setting option and the reset option displays. Select Reset
  6. The “Filter counter Reset?” message appears. Select [Yes] to continue
  7. Another confirmation dialog box appears. Select [Yes] to reset the Filter counter.